Letter to the Editor

Published 3:11 am Monday, April 28, 2008

By Staff
Recycle Now draws crowd
The best thing about any Earth Day event is rubbing shoulders with like-minded people. Witnessing community participation and feeling their appreciation of LIFE is an empowering thing. A sense of hope practically bubbled out of everyone at the Atmore Recycle Depot on Saturday.
Individuals from every point on our local spectrum took part last Saturday. The Cub Scouts and the Brownie troop included girls and boys from a range of local schools. Mothers and fathers brought their babies, as well as their teen-age kids. Sons and daughters brought their mom’s recyclables. Retired seniors came. Teachers came. Our local newspapers all sent someone. Even two candidates in the upcoming election made an appearance. These are the real leaders.
While our Earth Day event comprised two parts—the drive to collect recyclables and the campaign for “Green Art” embracing some aspect of environmentalism, I expected a virtual flood of art. A few parents were able to seize this opportunity; the art their children created is on display at the Public Library, along with an wonderful tribute to this event created by our local artist Vikki Day.
The trailers at the Recycle Depot were overflowing. The electronics trailer was jam-packed. To me this is a sign of good citizenry. Our people hold on to obsolete and unwanted materials until a suitable way is provided for disposal. Electronics recycling is on the agenda for the mayors of Atmore, Flomaton and Brewton, because it has become such a critical issue that governmental agencies are becoming proactive.
The topic of plastics is complicated. Not only do we need to become more aware of means of disposing of all plastic products, from grocery bags to plastic lawn chairs, because our landfills are expensive in more ways than one. But also, we must begin to consider whether it is reasonable to continue using plastic at all. The truth is becoming more and more apparent that not only the production processes creating all the different types of plastic, but also the manufacture and use of plastic products, from baby bottle liners to window coverings, is hazardous to our health.
Atmore Earth Day 2008 – a first time event – was a success. And the sun shined all day. What more could we ask for? Next year, I’d love to have some banjo pickers on hand for fun and entertainment. Aside from that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Faith in humanity is vindicated!
Letty Digmon
Spokesperson, Atmore Recycle Now

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