Letter to the Editor

Published 3:28 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

By Staff
State celebrates Confederate Memorial Day
April 28 was Confederate Memorial Day Holiday in Alabama.
The greatest Christian revival in American history mushroomed in the Confederate States Army during Lincoln’s Tax War (misguidedly called a civil war), crowning the South with the title “Bible Belt,” even to this day.
The South has the highest concentration of Bible-believing Christians in the world. This legacy is the most eternally significant feature of our Confederate Heritage.
Eyewitness accounts of our Confederate soldiers winning the Spiritual war are vividly recorded in: “Christ in the Camp” and “Great Revival in the Southern Armies” (read free online at www.books.google.com).
Jefferson Davis earnestly encouraged this Christian revival, which produced more than 100,000 young soldiers converted and powerfully energized older believers.
But Abraham Lincoln prohibited Bibles from entering the South, resulting in thousands of Bibles, shipped from England, being seized and dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.
Written testimonies that Lincoln was not a Christian may be read free online at www.books.google.com. “Life of Abraham Lincoln” by Ward Lamon (Lincoln’s closest friend) pages 486-504.
After the War, our Confederate Veterans built churches throughout Dixie, many becoming pastors and circuit riders. Most Southerners grew up hearing the gospel because of our Veterans’ labors.
Roger K. Broxton
Confederate Heritage Fund

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