Northview presents…'Our Town'

Published 4:13 am Wednesday, May 7, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
Northview High School’s Senior Class of 2008 presented “Our Town” Friday and Saturday nights as their class play.
Slay said he was pleased with the performance of the seniors because the play “Our Town” is not the typical style of theater the school normally puts on. He said once the students got on stage they felt comfortable in their shoes.
NHS seniors have been practicing diligently for the play, according to Slay.
According to the program handed out at the play, “Our Town” was written by Thornton Wilder. It was originally released in 1938, which is when it won a Pulitzer Prize.
There were many seniors who had their hands in the play. The cast of “Our Town” included, Stage Manager, Nick Prather; Emily Webb, Kalyn Vaughan; George Gibbs, Matt Zisa; Mrs. Webb, Alyssa Mackendree; Mrs. Gibbs, Olivia Godwin; Mr. Webb, Phillip Mayhair; Dr. Gibbs, Ledell Williams; Wally Webb, Joe Crowell and Si Crowell, Cameron Linton; Simon Stimson, Ethan Cole; Mrs. Soames, Andrea Byars; Rebecca Gibbs, Kasey Baggett; Professor Willard, Olivia Bryan; Mrs. Forrest and Customer, Camden Loncar; Constable Warren, Trevor Cmehil; Samantha Craig, Kadie Purvis; Howie Newsome, Matt Wilson; Mrs. Morgan, Jessica Mothershed; Ernestine, Woman in the Balcony and Lois, Rebecca Hendrix; Joe Stoddard, Jeremy Bardin; Lady in the Box, Courtney Fettler; Baseball Players, Richard Kunkel, Jeremy Bardin and Adam Wieborg; School Girls, Lexi Angeles and Rena Hollingsworth; Helen, Bianca Harrington; Women from the Dead, Bianca Harrington, Lexi Angeles, Rena Hollingsworth and Rebecca Hendrix and Belligerent Man in the Auditorium, Richard Kunkel.
Many individuals also had technical jobs including, Haley Etheridge, Jody Levins, Seth Turner, Whitney Flurnoy, Allison Spence, Kristan McCants, John Harrell, Sandra Pleasant, Seth Turner, Carrie Brown, Britni Smith, Casey Townson, Hope Graham, Jeremy Halteman, Seth Sawyer, Nick Matroni, Kasey Baggett, Courtney Fettler, Bianca Harrington, Jeremy Bardin, Caitlin Spence, Richard Kunkel, Jay Sharpless and Ashleigh Rooks.
There were also many faculty and family members who assisted and supported “Our Town.”
If you missed the play or if you want to relive it, Slay said it was videotaped and can be purchased at the school. Call NHS for more information.

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