Letter to the Editor

Published 6:05 am Wednesday, May 28, 2008

By Staff
Businesses support School Bus Driver Day
Our Atmore and Huxford PTO’s recently celebrated our eighth School Bus Driver Day. The Escambia County Board of Education gives the school bus driver a large responsibility. The skills begin with the general operation of the bus. Another important skill is to guarantee the students a safe crossing of the road with other highway vehicles. Let’s remember the behavior of “Jack and Jill” is a challenge. The local residents should praise themselves for being respectful of the bus. Bus routes can be long and hard or short and smooth. Our children deserve the best.
Safety does not cost. I repeat these words each year to you. I will be stepping down as chairman of the School Bus Driver Day. My leader each time was the principal of A.C. Moore, David Nolin. The staff of A.C. Moore gave me a smile and a lot of help.
Let it be said the bus drivers should always be told a job well done or given a friendly wave of the hand.
The Atmore businesses have always supported the annual Bus Driver Day and we thank you for another year.
Barbara McCoy
Letter to the Editor
McKinley gains support from Wetumpka
I would like the good people of Escambia County to be aware of the character of Kevin McKinley.
I came to know Kevin while attending the Jones School of Law with him and have known him for over five years now. I found Kevin to be honest and hardworking as a student. He was willing to help others with their studies and did not have the attitude of keeping his notes and insight just to himself, as some students did. He also had to put himself through law school.
Kevin told me about his experience as a probation officer with the Poarch Creek Tribe. I believe lifelong resident Kevin McKinley would be a great choice for county commissioner in Escambia County.
Douglas M. Vogel

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