Letter to the Editor

Published 7:02 am Sunday, June 8, 2008

By Staff
Marsh family thanks Atmore community
To our friends in Atmore,
Our vocabulary limits our ability to express how much you mean to us. Jan’s multiple myeloma diagnosis in February was overwhelming in many ways and has taught us many lessons.
First, God is in control. We may often question His plan, but time usually clarifies things for us. When we feel helpless, we turn things over to Him. We never know what tomorrow brings, so cherish today and the people you love. “In sickness and in health” is a commitment and not just a phrase to round out the wedding vows.
When we began our life together, we assumed we would live, work and retire in our hometown, Macon, Ga. We thought we had the plan. Nearly 30 years later, God has chosen to place us in Atlanta and Barnesville, Ga. and now Atmore, none of which were on our radar screen in 1979. We are thankful Atmore was on His list.
In each location, from our childhood in Macon to “middle age” in Atmore, we have established lifelong relationships, which we have valued greatly and maintained. Those relationships have been thrust to the top as life’s priorities have been clearly sorted out for us over the last few months.
Specifically, we want to thank our many friends in Atmore who participated in various ways in the blood drive in Jan’s honor. The gift of life through blood donation is just one of many things we now view with a new perspective. The 91 units collected will help save 273 lives in ways only blood can. Until you walk in our shoes, and some of you have, you will not understand the good you have done and how much you are appreciated.
Much love to you all,
Jan and Shep Marsh
Letter to the Editor
Library appreciates YLA $800 donation
About six months ago a member of Youth Leadership approached me with the idea of making a donation to the Atmore Public Library as their class project.
I did not hear anything further from her so I assumed the group had chosen another cause. On May 29 Nick Smith announced that the group had raised $800 for the library. I was shocked and very excited.
Six of the Youth Leadership Class of 2008 members presented the check to the library on May 30. This was six of the nicest, most well-mannered young people you could ever meet. I want to thank Nick Smith and the entire class for their generous donation.
We have a lot of reasons to be proud and our youth is one of greatest. One of the class members wanted his photo in with the Atmore Hall of Fame recipients. Maybe in 50 or 75 years it will be.
Thanks again,
Cathy McKinley
Atmore Public Library

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