Poarch seniors flex muscles at Senior Olympics

Published 7:35 am Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By By Chandler Myers
Staying active and competing are two benefits that seniors from the Poarch Senior Act of Individual Living (SAIL) find in the Senior Olympics.
In the month of May seniors competed in the Masters Games Tournament in the areas of Mobile, Orange Beach and Poarch.
Velma Amos, a resident of Poarch and senior Olympian, said she enjoys the Senior Olympics because it gives her the opportunity to stay active.
Amos finished first in shuffleboard and placed third in the Frisbee toss, Nerf ball throw and softball throw.
The seniors practice year round to compete in the Olympics with the hope of qualifying for the state competition, which will take place in October in Florence this year.
Willie Faye Thomas, a senior Olympian, said she enjoys going to the places and that one competition in particular was her favorite.
Thomas won first place in Nerf ball throw, basketball, Frisbee toss, softball and shuffleboard. She also placed second in horseshoes.
Ernestine Daughtry placed second in checkers and Nerf ball throw
Savannah Daughtry finished first in horseshoes and second in Nerfball throw, Frisbee toss and softball.
Johnny Johnson placed second in billiards, shuffleboard, basketball, Nerf ball throw and softball.
Peggy Johnson won first in basketball, dominoes and checkers while finishing second in Nerf ball throw and Frisbee toss.
Myrtis Kinman finished first in shuffleboard while her husband David Kinman placed second in dominoes.
Hubert Rackard finished second in Nerf ball throw, horseshoes and billiards and placed third in basketball.
Lenna Rackard finished first in checkers, second in table tennis and third in basketball.

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