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Published 9:11 am Sunday, June 29, 2008

By Staff
Red Cross needs ‘Heroes’
By Adrienne McKenzie
The American Red Cross “Heroes” campaign is almost over and Atmore area residents need to give.
The “Heroes” campaign is a fundraiser that helps raise money in case a disaster occurs. The “Heroes” work together to help raise money for the American Red Cross.
Many individuals view the American Red Cross as a place to give blood. I have learned by writing articles recently about the organization that they do much more.
According to the American Red Cross Web site,, there are so many ways the organization helps those in need.
I was not living in Atmore when recent hurricanes struck. As selfish as it may sound, I am glad I was not here because I am completely terrified of bad weather and could have possibly had a heart attack. That is beside the point. The point is: I have heard so many stories about how the American Red Cross volunteers pitched in to provide a variety of services to those in need after disasters struck the area.
After Hurricane Ivan, I wanted to drive home from Tuscaloosa, where I was attending The University of Alabama, to see my parents in Brewton. They would not let me even drive back here because of all the downed trees and limbs blocking the roads. I can not even remember how long they told me they did not have electricity because of the storm, but I know it was quite a while.
The Red Cross is the organization that is there to help when that disaster strikes. For us, it’s hurricanes. That’s the biggie down in the south. When we need a helping hand, the American Red Cross extends it.
That is why the organization needs “Heroes” and volunteers. The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization, meaning they need any donations they can muster. Volunteers have to work hard to raise money for the the organization.
It is important to not only give monetary donations, but also time so do not be wary if you don’t have the extra cash to give, donate an hour or two and become a hero in your very own way.
To become a “Hero” call the local Red Cross chapter at 368-3643.
Remember, all money raised in Atmore stays in Atmore.
Adrienne McKenzie is managing editor for The Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or emailed at

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