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Published 1:36 pm Thursday, August 7, 2008

By Staff
Crazy sports weekend
By Chandler Myers
Last weekend was up and down in terms of sports news with several events taking place.
The majority of sports news the last month or so has surrounded the Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers soap opera.
Monday morning Favre was officially reinstated to the NFL and will report to the Packers training camp; what will Green Bay do about the future hall of famer though?
If you asked a group of 100 people what should happen, half would say let him play and the other half would say he should stay retired.
Personally, I think if he wants to continue his career he should be able to.
Trade him or cut him, but don’t just treat him like dirt after all the great things he has done for the franchise.
He is the NFL’s version of Cal Ripken Jr. and I bet if Ripken wanted to come back and play today the Orioles would let him, but they are in desperate need of any talent they can get their hands on anyway.
It seems the Packers are worried about two things when dealing with Favre and both have to do with losing.
The teams most interested in Favre are the Bears and Vikings, which are divisional opponents that Green Bay has to play twice every season.
They do not want to take the chance on giving up the seasoned veteran to two teams on the brink of playoff berths and one that was in the Super Bowl two seasons ago.
The other worry is that Aaron Rodgers does not work out as the starter and they have no one experienced to fall back on.
Honestly, if they do not trade Favre I see him starting by the third game because Rodgers has rarely seen any time under center.
So here lies the predicament for coach Mike McCarthy and the Packer organization.
Trade Favre and have him possibly wear out his former team twice in a season or keep him in the case Rodgers, a former first round pick, does not work out so well.
The great thing about Favre is the fact that he just wants to play the game and I am sure he still has some tricks up his sleeve.
He is a hero to people everywhere and brings a quality to the game that sometimes is missing.
He has never been in trouble and just wants to be on the field like the players at ECHS, EA and Northview.
It will be interesting to see how all this plays out and where Favre suits up in the next month.
The biggest sports story for the State of Alabama was a heart-breaking event that touches people everywhere.
John Mark Stallings, son of former Alabama coach Gene Stallings, passed away on Saturday at the age of 46.
Stallings suffered from Down syndrome, but lived a very full life for someone who is diagnosed.
It was a sad weekend for Crimson Tide fans everywhere as Stallings was probably the biggest Tide fan around.
Athletic director Mal Moore said he has known Stallings for years and remembered the effect he had on players and fans.
Stallings was always present at Alabama games and practices and was treated like a family member by coaches, fans and players.
He will be truly missed not only by his family, but anyone whoever had the opportunity to see or meet him.
Lastly, anyone who might have pictures of fish or snakes you have caught or even just a sports tip feel free to shoot it to me by email or to call me.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Chandler Myers is sports editor of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or emailed at

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