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Published 2:20 pm Tuesday, August 12, 2008

By Staff
Have fun in school and good luck to the Class of 2009
School started back this week and kids will hopefully get excited about the new things they will learn over the next fall and spring.
It might seem like you are learning the same lessons over and over from year to year, but the truth is that you are learning the next step in each lesson.
Take your time on each homework assignment, quiz and test. There is no need to rush and overlook something, which could cause your grade to suffer.
Also understand that education is important and whether you believe it or not the teachers are not against you, but pushing you to do your best.
Take advantage of every club or activity you can participate in because once these days are gone you cannot have them back.
Never be afraid to ask a question or to ask for help because in the end that question might be the difference on a test and by asking, it will stick in your memory.
Good luck this year. To all the seniors who will graduate in 2009, have a good year and take in every possible memory.
If you get bored in class, just think summer vacation is only nine months away.

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