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Published 2:35 pm Wednesday, August 13, 2008

By Staff
Gas prices drop and should keep falling
In two weeks the price of gas has dropped .30 cents and continues to be on the decline, which is a good thing for everyone.
The talk is that it will fall to at least $99 a barrel and that could put gas close to $2.99 sometime in the next couple of months.
This would make the strain on businesses and the public so much easier and would relieve a little stress on the staggering economy.
Hopefully, our politicians in Montgomery and Washington D.C., are trying to to there best to bring the price of oil down lower than $99.
Energy independence is not a bad idea as some of our state representatives have stated recently.
If the U.S. could avoid using oil from the Middle East and Venezuela it would certainly decrease the price of fuel.
Other forms of fuel are a theory, but are they really ideal right now.
It would cost more to create and test these other ways of fueling automobiles than to drill 100 miles off our coast.
Hopefully the brain trusts in our legislatures will continue to raise these issues.
One way to help get this issue to the forefront is to write to our congressmen, visit townhall meetings and just to push the issue as much as possible.
No one needs to be afraid to speak up and let the government know how we feel because we do live in America and that is our right.
So let’s all stand up and do what we can to help bring the falling gas prices even lower because in the end we are the people who really decide what changes are made.

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