Letter to the Editor

Published 4:19 pm Monday, August 25, 2008

By Staff
McCain needs to be forthcoming
We all know that the McCains have an estimated $100 million in net worth. We all know he wears $520 loafers (although the media doesn’t find that as interesting as John Edwards haircuts used to be), and we have all heard the stories about Cindy’s almost unbelievable shopping sprees. But at a press briefing, McCain was asked a straightforward question, “How many homes do you and your wife own?”
How many homes do you own, dear reader? Do you know? I bet you do. Even if you haven’t lost your home to foreclosure, and even if you are wealthy and have a home plus a summer home, maybe even a beach bungalow, I bet you know how many there are. So what does his answer mean? I see two possibilities. One of course is that he and Cindy actually own so many properties that he literally cannot remember them all. If this is the case, how am I supposed to believe that this disgustingly rich man, who -by the way, still accepts a Social Security check he doesn’t need every month- feels my pain? How can he understand the sticker shock not only on a new car, but even a gallon of milk, a pound of bananas or a gallon of gasoline?
The other possibility I see is that he suddenly realized that an honest answer would really turn off most American voters who are not millionaires. Many of us, he has recently come to realize do NOT make $5 million a year. So, rather than just say, “We own three main residences, four condominiums, two beach houses and several vacation cottages” or whatever the truth is, he panicked and stammered the incredible non-answer reprinted above.
So, tell me again, all my Republican friends, how elitist and out of touch Barack Obama is. Tell me again that a man who says only those making $5 million dollars a year are rich understands my problems better than a man who says $250,000 should be the demarcation line.
Oh, and by the way, it looks like McSame is going to pick Mitt Romney as his second in command. Golly, he managed to find someone even richer than Cindy, and doesn’t even have to marry him. That’s not gonna make him any better at understanding ordinary people, folks.
Norm Boyd

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