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Published 5:05 pm Sunday, August 31, 2008

By Staff
Atmore be prepared in case storm strikes
Labor Day is upon us and unfortunately many Gulf Coast residents will spend their time off preparing for a hurricane. Take all the necessary precautions in case Hurricane Gustav does take a turn for Atmore.
Visit the grocery store and get all the food and supplies needed to sustain your family.
Purchase a generator if needed so you can still find some source of power if the lights get turned off.
If a generator is not an option be sure to purchase batteries for any appliances that are able to go off battery power if electricity is out.
Pay attention all radio and T.V. reports on the storm so you will be in the know on what you need to be prepared for .
Stay off the roads if possible when the storm hits. It could get dangerous and possibly flood the area and driving around in a flood really is not the best idea.
Watch out for downed power lines and if you see any report them to local authorities or local power companies.
If evacuating is an option and you are able to leave the area, do it in a timely fashion. Be careful and do not get in such a rush that you fall into some sort of accident.
Hopefully the weekend will not be a washout and maybe Hurricane Gustav will take a turn towards the west, but in the case that the storm does become extremely dangerous just be prepared.

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