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Published 5:59 pm Sunday, September 7, 2008

By Staff
Gustav passes over, Ike and Josephine form
Hurricane Gustav threatened the Gulf Coast this weekend and attempted to put a damper on Labor Day.
While Atmore was lucky with the storm moving further west, other places such as New Orleans and lower Mississippi were hit hard by the storm and let's hope that everyone in those areas are able to recover from any damage.
Friday and Saturday were sunny days with the clouds moving in on Sunday and Monday. The bottom dropped out during this time with rain drowning out any hope of a fun holiday weekend.
Even with Gustav making landfall, we still need to be prepared for other tropical storms and hurricanes that could have an impact on our area.
Late last week. Tropical Storm Hanna formed and became a hurricane over the weekend, but has since fallen back down to a tropical storm.
Hanna looks as if she will threaten the Atlantic Coastline in such places as Savannah, Ga. and South and North Carolina.
Hopefully the storm does not take a turn and head across Florida for the Gulf of Mexico.
Over the weekend, two other storms gained notice as Tropical Storm Ike formed and is just west of the Bahamas.
Reports have Ike becoming a hurricane in the Atlantic near the Bahamas or Cuba later this week.
Behind Ike is Tropical Storm Josephine, which became a tropical storm yesterday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.
Josephine is still across the Atlantic near Africa and will not be even be considered a bother to the U.S. until next week.
So as of right now, Atmore needs to be concerned about the possibility of two hurricanes threatening the area in the next week to two weeks.
Hopefully these storms will not become too powerful or even enter the Gulf of Mexico.
In the chance that they do remember to stock up on all necessary supplies. This includes, non-perishable food, water, ice, batteries, candles and any other items you think you will need to ride out the storm.
Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to know exactly where the storm is and if you need to make plans to leave the area.

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