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Advance's new Web site format is more inviting

By Staff
I just wanted to comment on the new on-line format, I LOVE IT!! It is more inviting and the appearance is awesome.
I was born in Atmore and lived there until the age of 21. I keep up-to-date on Atmore happenings thru your online version of The Atmore Advance.
Two of my favorite reads are Mr. McGill's "re-collections" of years past and Tray Smith's political pieces.
Mr. McGill wrote a piece that included my Grandfather and I graduated High School with his son Mark. I also enjoy Tray Smith's political views and I graduated High School with his mother. So I feel like I'm reading articles written by people
I know rather than strangers. Makes the articles much more enjoyable.
Thanks for the wonderful new format.
Janet Simmons
Lawrenceville, Ga.