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Published 6:52 pm Friday, September 12, 2008

By Staff
Fan support is needed at games
In the first few weeks of the high school football season, no team in the Advance's coverage area has put an "X" in the win column. Why is this?
Some believe this could change if the coaches for each team had their players better prepared for each game, which in some cases may be true, but not in all. Fan support, which has been lacking for all schools, is also needed. Without fans giving players that extra push to give that extra effort, they simply won't. If they don't have an audience to fight harder for, then they feel like their hard work isn't appreciated.
The home bleachers at local high school stadiums were not built as big as they are because the people who constructed them wanted big bleachers. They are that way because at one time, they were filled with fans. So what if they are not having the greatest season ever, that could change with some support.
When Alabama or Auburn is doing bad, do you see empty seats? The answer is, no! Loyal fans stick with their teams through thick and thin and we at the Advance encourage fan support.
So fork over the admission fee each week, eat a hot dog and support your favorite team.

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