Ivey stresses civic duty

Published 6:58 pm Saturday, September 13, 2008

By By MaryClaire Foster
In town Thursday evening to speak on the importance of civic duty, state treasurer Kay Ivey told the United Fund kickoff attendees she had two techniques to raise money. She then proceeded to put $1.2 million in the hands of United Fund vice president Chad Bartz.
Although it wasn’t cold hard cash, Ivey did hand Bartz a list of 4,183 people in Escambia County with unclaimed property worth $1.2 million. Calling it her gift to stimulate, she said, “Now if you could take this list and help me encourage these 4,183 people to claim their unclaimed property, you could put a word in while they’re getting this money. Then they might as well give the United Fund some money.”
For her second fundraising technique she appealed directly to the crowd telling them that when adults come to Montgomery she always recommends a ratio of 10-10-80 for their finances.
Ivey encouraged not only monetary support, but support by giving time and energy.
Ivey’s said her civic-minded conscience started early with her father telling her “you’ve got to pay your civic bread before you pay your house bread.”
Ivey commended the event’s attendees, telling them their presence showed their loyalty to their civic duty.
Ivey went on to stress the importance of both individual and group contributions. She said that when everyone does their part, whatever it might be, the benefit is maximized.
Showing her down-home roots, Ivey quoted a plaque from Wintzell’s Oyster House in Mobile:
That sentiment illustrates the United Fund’s reason for choosing Ivey to speak, according to Bartz.
“We wanted it to be personal. She knew Atmore and would understand (the community). What better person to come in and give us a goal,” president Ann Glavan said.
Ivey, having grown up in nearby Camden, also spoke of her familiarity with and fondness for Atmore. “This is a caring town of caring people, and I know that to be the case. I’ve come here to be your biggest cheerleader, go, Atmore, go! This is a huge worthy initiative. It makes me proud to an American, and Alabamian and to be a friend of Atmore. I look forward to being a strong working partner with Atmore for years to come.”

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