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Published 7:08 pm Saturday, September 13, 2008

By Staff
Don’t panic over rising gas prices
If you panicked and filled up your tank yesterday due to the rising gas prices, raise your hand. The majority of you are probably raising your hands right now and there is some understanding to that.
Reports of gouging surfaced Friday with some places rising from $3.60 to more than $4 and in some places in the northern part of the state it jumped up above $5. The sad thing is that it is really our fault for the rise in price when a hurricane shuts down refineries.
Everyone runs to the gas pumps because they are worried about that jump in the price that will take place. The one thing hardly anyone stops to think about is that if we did not panic and did not make that unnecessary stop at the pump that we all make, would gas have a reason to rise?
The finger needs to be pointed in the direction of people who have almost a full tank and stop for no reason just because they see the price rose four cents over the course of 24 hours.
It also needs to be pointed at the people who take several five gallon jugs to fill up and do not realize that when the hurricane passes the price will fall again just like as it always does.
Now some gas stations are at fault for jacking up the prices, but we sit here and complain about it, but we are the reason that it does jump that high.
So let us all take a moment to think about what we could do to keep the prices from rising.
Don’t panic it should drop next week.

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