EA vandalism: A pointless crime

Published 8:34 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008

By By Adam Prestridge
Profanity and racial slurs greeted the students of Escambia Academy Monday morning when they arrived for the start of their homecoming week.
Vandals had apparently had a field day earlier that morning spray painting graphic, uncensored graffiti on the buildings, doors, windows and sidewalks on the campus. The vandals also broke into the field house and spray painted the newly remodeled facility and stole some items.
I hope the night of flat out disrespect and criminal mischief was worth it because should these vandals be caught, they will have to pay the consequences. Repairing the damages will cost school officials thousands, which the violators will surely have to pay either monetarily or through community service or both. Depending on how police officials charge the crime and the violators’ ages, they may have to spend some time in a juvenile detention center or maybe even jail. On top of that, expulsion from their respective schools, should this be an act of rivalry, may be on the list of consequences.
While in high school, everyone reading this had one or more rival schools, but this type of so called “prank” was not even an option. We too got into mischief, but our acts of rivalry usually involved rolls of toilet paper, which we all know can be cleaned up and doesn’t damage property or maybe an occasional water balloon war at the local park. These things too are frowned upon, but those that commit the pranks are usually the ones cleaning it up.
My advice to those involved in the EA crime, yes, it is a crime, is to turn yourself in. Even though you will still be penalized, it is the right thing to do.
As for the students at Escambia Academy, don’t let these criminal actions ruin your homecoming week. Continue to have fun, dress up and enjoy yourself. High school is supposed to be a fun time to build memories, so don’t let it slip away.
As for the vandals, do the right thing, it will be rewarding in the end.
Adam Prestridge is publisher of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123.

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