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Published 9:05 pm Sunday, September 28, 2008

By Staff
Love is in the air, not for long
Lovebugs – we all know who is doing the loving when it comes to them, and it’s certainly not us. We all hate them.
Not only are they just plain annoying, they can clog radiator fans causing cars to overheat and if you leave them on your car too long they can ruin the finish.
So, is their anything at all to love about the lovebugs?
According to Wikipedia there is. The Web site states that lovebugs are beneficial because their larvae feed on dead vegetation in the grassy areas where they live, which eventually allows nutrients to be released back into the soil, and they “decreases excessive thatch which can be detrimental to grass growth and serve as a protective cover for serious grass pests.”
So, there you go, something to love after all.

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