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Published 9:37 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2008

By Staff
BOE action should aid Atmore schools
If approved, the dissolution of the Inter-District/State agreement between the Escambia County Florida. Board of Education and the Escambia County Alabama. Board of Education will be a positive step for the community.
Currently, up to 100 students are allowed (under certain conditions) to attend school in Florida although they reside in Atmore. The agreement, having been in effect for nine years, is one-sided and does not allow any Florida students to attend school in Alabama; therefore, Atmore is not gaining anything positive from it.
Reasons behind students transferring vary, but it was brought up at the board of education meeting last Thursday that one reason for transfer could be the lack of certain programs, such as agriculture in our schools.
This is one example of change that could be pushed for, now that there is no longer an opportunity to go elsewhere.
Instead of leaving our school system, we should make steps towards identifying the gaps between what is offered and what is wanted and insuring our children’s needs are met.
Here in Atmore, we have excellent school officials who are constantly working to exceed the needs of our children and would no doubt work hard to insure any community-supported desires are met.
Initially, we know there will be some dissatisfaction with the dissolution, but ultimately, it will be for the benefit of our town and will force us to come together to help better our own school system.

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