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Published 10:04 pm Tuesday, October 7, 2008

By Staff
Economic woes hit close to home
With the recent economic and financial woes, it is important to keep our community stable. Most importantly, don’t panic. Keeping your money in the bank is the safest route. Also, support local businesses by buying what you can in town. Not only will this help our economy, but it will save you money in gas.
This can have a double whammy that could help with the growth of the economy in Atmore.
First, staying in town to make purchases can bring a lot more money to the city. By helping the businesses increase their revenue, we could possibly help create more jobs. Even if it is a small job, it is still a job that someone could get paid to do. And if it does not create jobs, it might reduce the number of people that could possibly get laid off.
Second, remaining in Atmore for shopping will cause you to use less gas. By using less gas it takes pressure off of the demand and increases supply. Increasing supply will help lower gas prices, which in turn puts more money in your pocket.
We might not all agree on what the best economic or financial strategy is, but we can agree that we should be doing what’s best for our community as a whole.

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