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Published 10:41 pm Sunday, October 12, 2008

By Staff
ECHS homecoming boosts school spirit
Homecoming week was great for the Escambia County High School Blue Devils. It was full of school spirit and it really helped boost morale around the city.
Thursday, senior football players, cheerleaders and the band performed pep rallies around the area and at all of the schools in Atmore.
The pep rallies really do a lot to boost everyone’s spirits and they were extremely enjoyable for the young children who at their young ages idolize their favorite football player or cheerleader.
During the pep rally, all of the kids at Rachel Patterson Elementary School jumped up and down and danced to the music played by the band. The excitement on their faces could have been seen from a mile a way. The students at all the other local elementary schools also felt the same enjoyment as the teenagers visited their schools.
It was also enjoyable for the teachers as a few were pulled from the crowd to do cheers with the cheerleaders.
The ECHS alumni tea on Friday was also a success as this year’s tea drew the largest crowd in several years. There were representatives of several classes in attendance who were able to see the changes and renovations made to ECHS.
Also on Friday was the homecoming parade, which made its way through the city. This was probably the most fun of any of the events and everyone was able to enjoy it. The parade drew a large crowd and brought the city together.
Hope everyone had a great homecoming week.

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