Motorists feeling relief at the pumps

Published 11:43 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

By By MaryClaire Foster
Lower gas prices have been well received in Atmore, but consumers think they are still not low enough.
In the past month, gas prices have dropped nearly $1 a gallon.
Roy White, co-owner and vice-president of Diamond Gas Stations Inc., said the reason for the lower gas prices is due to the lack of confidence in commodities trading.
Consumer Betty Lewis said the high price of gas had been very cumbersome to her daily life.
James Garrison got gas on Friday and said the high price of gas had been rough on him also and lower prices were helping to make his life easier.
Garrison said he has been gassing up two times every couple of weeks and since the prices have lowered he has been able to gas up a third time.
Lewis agreed, saying, “It still needs to be cheaper.”
Jennifer Dove, a customer at the Chevron station off of South Main Street, said she thinks the oil companies play games with consumers.
White said higher gas prices are worse for his business and prefers gas prices to be lower just like everyone else.
Although he wants prices to remain low, White said he thinks they are getting as close to the bottom price as possible.
Patricia Brown is the associate at the Shell station off of North Main Street and she said she has not noticed more people buying gas.
The station’s manager, Debra Frye, said her customers have responded positively to the lower prices, but they are still filling up their tanks the same amount.
As of press time, the price of oil had risen above $71 per barrel.

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