Seniors shown ‘love’

Published 3:37 am Wednesday, November 19, 2008

By By MaryClaire Foster
It is said that with age comes wisdom, but that does not mean an appreciation for it follows suit.
To express their appreciation for area seniors, local ministers Dr. Bernard Bishop and his wife, Felicia Bishop, organized the inaugural Senior Appreciation Day, which was held on Saturday night at Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Christ Church.
Bernard Bishop said the annual youth event his ministry holds made him realize the lack of events for senior citizens.
All seniors who attended the service were honored, but a select five were recognized as lifetime achievement honorees.
The five were chosen based on community recommendations and a minimum 20 years of service in the community.
The five special honorees were Ann Carter, George Mosby, Lt. Cary Flavors, Pastor Hattie Bishop and Elizabeth Bullard. Bullard received a special lifetime achievement award for her age. She is 105 years old.
Ann Carter, 68, moved to Atmore in 1949 and began working at Atmore Nursing Care Center in 1977, retiring 28 years later.
George Mosby, 85, moved to Atmore in 1955 and was actively involved in education for more than 35 years, before retiring in 1988.
Lt. Cary Flavors Sr., 58, worked for the Atmore Police Department for 25 years until retirement.
Pastor Hattie Bishop, 59, has been an ordained minister for 28 years and has served Atmore as a pastor for 15 years.
Bullard worked as a domestic worker and babysitter. She was born in Claiborne on Oct. 11, 1903.
Felicia Bishop said the Bible verse, Job 12:12 “Wisdom is found with the elderly and understanding comes with long life,” which she used to end the event, summed up why they were honoring the seniors.
Bishop offered her own wisdom as well, “Next time you see them (parents and grandparents) remind them how appreciative you are of them and that they’re in your life,” she said. “They’re a blessing to us all.”

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