Thomas using gift of song for God’s glory

Published 4:13 am Sunday, November 23, 2008

By By MaryClaire Foster
Michael Thomas spends most of his time writing music and praying.
Thomas is a 19-year-old aspiring singer whose first memories of performing began at age 4 while living in Chicago.
Thomas also remembers getting into trouble as a child because of singing in class.
Thomas’ early appreciation for music has now developed into a full-blown passion, one he wants to turn into a career.
He currently performs at area churches and lately has been singing at many funerals. When asked if that bothers him, Thomas laughs but says no, it is an honor to do so.
Right now, Thomas is working on getting music written to submit to a record label.
He says he is constantly writing, staying up into the wee hours of the morning pouring out lyrics and melodies.
If Thomas is away from home and comes up with something he will make a recording on his cell phone.
He writes mostly about previous romantic relationships and God, which go with the two types of music, R and B and gospel, he hopes to record and perform one day.
God may come first for Thomas, but his family is a close second.
Thomas’ mother and manager, Deborah Thomas, said she along with his family, are very proud of him, but know it might be a long road to success and is aware of the limitations a small city like Atmore has for a burgeoning artist, but is optimistic about getting the word out and attracting help that way.
Michael Thomas said at times he gets down about the lack of momentum his career has, but said his enthusiasm and passion for music keeps him focused and going.
Thomas said his ultimate goal is to be able to have a career in music to be able to provide for his family and give back to Atmore.

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