Reviewing 1955, satellite television savings

Published 6:34 am Wednesday, December 10, 2008

By By Lowell McGill
A look back at 1955 and a unique method to save $25 dollars on your monthly satellite bill are topics for this week’s column.
John Bachelor, a well-known local farmer, tried his hand at wrestling and took on some leading contenders when this sport was staged at the old National Guard Armory. And, he won some of those bouts. Tom Drake, a well-known wrestler who later turned politician, encouraged John to continue, but after about four or five weeks he decided it was not for him. Hugh Rozzele and I were the ring announcers during this era, and we both believed he had potential to be a successful wrestler.
The first television remote was introduced in Chicago in 1955.
H.H Dees, Atmore mayor, paid tribute to former mayor William Holley in special ceremonies held here in July that year.
John Wingard was recognized by the state as one of the most certified jewelers in Alabama. He and his wife operated a successful jewelry store for many years.
Dedication for the Escambia Baptist Executive home was held in July. Rev McCrummen, pastor of First Baptist Church in Selma, did the honors.
Robert Maxwell and Jeanie (Keller) Ford teamed up to offer their unique blended voices in song for various religious services in the area. Jeannie’s husband, Sam Ford, who was affiliated with both the Chamber of Commerce and The Junior Chamber of Commerce, published his first story in a series of Jaycee bulletins.
The Atmore Chamber of commerce, teamed with Atmore Truckers Association and Atmore Milling and Elevator Company, underwrote paying for the first bale of cotton ginned here.
Atmore’s Livestock auction received special recognition by Alabama Livestock Association for outstanding sales for the year.
John B. Swift was named head of the Atmore Lions club that year. Other committee members named included Mac Mays, W.F. Corman, Dick Jones, Dr Ben Maxwell, Dr. H.H Rodgers, H.C. Williams and Charles Lowery.
The famous singing group, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, lost two members of that group in a flaming plane crash in Clanton prior to a singing performance at the Clanton Peach Festival. Original founding member R.W. Blackwood and bass singer Bill Lyles were the two that perished. Ironically, the group had appeared in a gospel concert here in Atmore only two weeks prior to the tragic event.
Now, for that secret about receiving my satellite TV programs for only $19.95 a month
Actually, I wrote about this several months ago. But, I ran into a friend at the post office a few days ago who wanted me to elaborate on it a little bit more
First, you would need an HD television set, amplified indoor HD antenna and DSL internet
Why do I need fast internet? Well, this eliminates the need for ESPN on my TV. You see, I have ESPN on my internet and all ESPN football games carried on TV are also carried on ESPN My $19.95 TV package does not carry ESPN. So, I simply take my wireless wide screen Vista laptop into my den and watch all the ESPN games.
For 10 months I subscribed to a program package that offers about 30 programs, all of which carry my favorites, including, two Hallmark channels, Fox News, the Weather Channel, TV Land, History Channel and several other interesting channels including shows for my wife and grandchildren. Now, remember, I do not need to carry satellite locals because I am getting these (about 12-15 total) all in beautiful high definition on my indoor HD antenna (This saves me $5 a month).
Each October, I switch back to my $49.95 package for two months and I record up to three hundred hours of classics from TCM, AMC, National Geographic, various network specials and many more programs of interest. So, now I have added what could be described as a half dozen additional “networks”.
Then it is back to my $19.95 package for ten months of relatively inexpensive TV viewing. Now, I have just the programs I want and I don’t have to pay for countless other programs that I have no interest in. I might add that I bundle my phone, internet and TV through one super saving package from the telephone office. The fact that my wife is retired from that firm affords my saving a great deal on the phone portion of my bill.
One thing I failed to add to this package is a $5.95 monthly fee for the warranty on my DVR recorder which is built into my satellite system.
I also have a portable DVR player, not affiliated with my satellite system, that I can bring in old programs like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Saturday afternoon serials, classic westerns, mystery and love movies(for my wife). By the way, I buy those DVDs from an internet site for only nineteen cents each when I buy as many as 100 discs.
So, this is just one way that allows my ‘living within my means.” My next venture will be a smaller automobile that gets outstanding gas mileage.
But wait, I hear there is something new on the horizon. It’s called “Blue Ray.” I may have to take a look at that. Bet many of you know about this. If you do, tell me about it.
My, my, 50 years ago, when we used a wire antenna leading from the radio to a nearby tree, who would have ever dreamed this?
Lowell McGill is a historical columnist for The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at

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