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Published 7:21 am Tuesday, December 16, 2008

By Staff
Marvis Ward loves to read
By MaryClaire Foster
(This week The Atmore Advance visited with 82-year-old Marvis Ward while at Atmore Community Hospital.)
Q: When and where were you born?
A: I was born in Wetumpka on May 18, 1926.
Q: What do you do these days?
A: I work twice a week, Mondays and Tuesdays, at the hospital as a volunteer.
Q: How did you get involved with the Auxiliary?
A: Evelyn Turberville organizes it and she’s in my Sunday school class and asked if I would like to join.
Q: What do you like about it?
A: It’s nice to get out of the house and nice to do something good for other people.
Q: What did you do for a living?
A: I worked for Southland telephone company for 30 years or so.
Q: Were you married?
A: Yes, my husband and I were married in 1947. His name was Gasque Ward.
Q: How did you meet?
A: We met because his sister married my grandmother’s son. We met while I was working in Montgomery at the telephone company there. I was there for three years.
Q: What was one of the things you liked most about Gasque?
A: He could always make you laugh.
Q: What is one of your favorite memories of your life?
A: When Gasque and I moved into our house. It was ours and it was nice knowing that. I still live in that house and want to as long as I can.
Q: How did you know he was the right one for you?
A: It clicked. When the right one comes along you just know.
Q: Have you traveled much?
A: We used to have an airstream trailer we would take on trips. We went to Florida a lot and the mountains every year.
Q: What did you like about those trips?
A: We would always see the same people every year. We used to go down there with a couple from Birmingham. We would play shuffleboard and whenever Gasque and I were winning he would call me “Marvelous.”
Q: Do you have any pets?
A: We had a chihauhau named Mitzi for 17 years. She was pushed on me, but I ended up loving her. She was like a child to us.
Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: I used to crochet. I made a bedspread and tablecloth, but I don’t anymore. I absolutely love to read. I read every night.
Q:What kind of books do you like to read?
A: I like novels.
Q: Who is your favorite author?
A: I read a lot of Nora Roberts and JoAnn Johnson. I read the bible too, but I go to bed every night with a book.
Q: What was one of the happiest times in your life?
A: I like family gatherings. Last weekend, we went to my niece’s house in Brewton. I’m very close to my brother, Billy Carter, and his two daughters, Stephanie Scott and Daphne Clark. They have been so good to me.
Q: What is your favorite time of year in Atmore?
A: The spring is always nice, and I love the fall, and the beautiful colors.
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