FBC upgrades will add to functionality

Published 10:45 am Monday, January 12, 2009

By By MaryClaire Foster
In the current age, beauty and aesthetics often give way to efficiency and functionality, but this is not the case for First Baptist Church Atmore.
The sanctuary currently in use by the church was built in the late 1960s and its design is based on that of European churches the pastor at the time had visited.
While appealing, it is not functional, according to Pastor Arnold Hendrix, and renovations to the church began in late December.
The two current areas of improvement are focused on the bathrooms in the front of the sanctuary and the sound booth.
The bathrooms, a men’s and women’s that flank each side of the foyer, are being transformed to accommodate more people as well as having aesthetic upgrades.
As Hendrix said, the bathrooms are located underneath the stairwells and were set up with a sitting area and then the actual bathroom. The new bathrooms will add a stall and where they were will be made into a closet.
The sound booth at the church was in the balcony area and will be moved to the main floor of the sanctuary.
Along with the sound equipment, the projection and lighting systems will also be moved. Hendrix said that while the sound booth will be a new addition to the church it will look as if it was already there by following the same design style.
Hendrix said that the important reason for having a sound booth is not just to have better sound quality, but to better get their message across in a way suitable to the times.
Hendrix added that too it’s simply just a better way to get the sermon heard.
Deborah Hammons, operator of the projection system as well as the chairperson of the Audio/Visual Committee, said she is excited about the changes.
Hammons role as operator of the projection system is developing a “Cue List” each week and finding graphics to illustrate the hymns sung during services.
Hammons also mentioned her excitement over the ability to have a more involved role in the service and said, “Being in the balcony, I have felt somewhat isolated from the fellowship of the service.”
According to Hendrix, a completion date has not been set, but renovations are well under way and are going smoothly.

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