Letter to the Editor

Published 10:55 am Monday, January 12, 2009

By Staff
Plea for help ignored in town
Just a comment about the City of Atmore: I was born and raised here in this town. My husband and I were on our way here from the storm, not Ike, but the one before that and our jeep burned on I-65 about three weeks ago.
Everybody we were told to call that could help us, said they could not. I mean we lost our jeep and clothes and our money, everything. You would think in a time of need like this there would be someone out there that could help. But I guess those days are gone.
There are so few jobs. We have been trying to find a job, but no luck. This town needs to let more jobs come in here and make the people that do move here stay a while.
Sheila Robinson

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