Letter to the Editor

Published 12:44 pm Monday, January 26, 2009

By Staff
The new lanes on Hwy. 31 are confusing
I have called the Atmore Police Station twice about the new markings at Hwy. 31 South and Main Street, and they can not answer my question about the three lanes marked on the pavement.
The one to the far right has a small arrow turning to the right and nothing posted on the other two lanes. I have almost been in numerous accidents because of the confusion on which lane we are suppose to be in. This morning was another one. The Police Department has no answers to tell me on which lane I should be in to go straight. I think this would be a good thing to find out before someone has an accident because some of these drivers mostly around 7 a.m. are in a hurry and are not watching out.
Thank you for your time.
Deana Lorenzo

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