Science, the Boss impress

Published 2:15 pm Thursday, February 5, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
This past weekend I headed out to Flomaton to the Turtle Point Science Center for the first time. Having been here five months, you would think I have been pretty much everywhere this small town has to offer, but that is one of the things about a small town, it may be small, but it’s got a lot going on.
Turtle Point is in its 10th anniversary year, and from what I can tell, it keeps making efforts to better itself as the years go by. Unfortunately, I was short on time and did not get to explore as much as I would like, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back soon. I did however meet another northern Alabama transplant, Jessica one of the teachers there, and it was fun to compare notes on moving to the area.
I really was pleasantly surprised to see how much they had to offer, and as I was telling my coworkers Monday (when I’m sure they were thinking what a dork) how cool I thought it was and how it reminded me of a place in Birmingham where I used to go and was always a favorite place.
Speaking of favorite places, I was able to go to the Shrimp Basket in Bay Minette, which has always been a favorite of mine and my best friend Anna. As she is now in Maine,and even with her being surrounded by all the fresh seafood up there, she was slightly jealous to be missing out, proving again that there’s just no place like home when it comes to good food and good company I might add.
After dinner, my boyfriend and I headed back home to my house to watch the Super Bowl. I have to admit that because I have not watched any NFL football this year I was purely in it for the commercials. Even though NBC met its advertising budget, I was not at all impressed with the commercials, and it seemed to me that most were local anyway.
Another aspect of my Super Bowl experience I wasn’t impressed with was the unsportsmanlike conduct from the players.
Maybe I’m being a little biased towards the underdog in saying this, but the Steelers acted completely out of line several times, and I could not believe when they did not throw out the one guy when he was literally kicking his opponent when he was down.
The one part of the Super Bowl that I was more than impressed with was the performance from the Boss. Bruce Springsteen killed it, and I don’t think at 23 I could do some of those moves.
Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, so is another month of winter and although the groundhog predicted six more weeks, I’m already looking forward to spring and days at the beach.
MaryClaire Foster is news editor for the Atmore Advance. She can be reached at (251) 368-2123 or via email at

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