1,2,3 You're Out!!!!

Published 6:52 pm Wednesday, March 11, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
Two Escambia County Blue Devil football coaches are taking the time during their off season to stop arguing against calls to argue in favor of them as umpires for the Alabama High School Athletic Association and other leagues around the area.
ECHS head football coach Kyle Davis and assistant coach Jason Barnett are using their time this spring to step behind the plate or on the diamond to call balls, strikes and outs.
Most recently, they have been calling for local high school baseball action and travel baseball tournaments.
Davis said said he started umpiring games last year after he heard some friends saying that officials were needed.
Barnett has been calling games for about four weeks, and he said that he chose to become an umpire after being inspired by an umpire when he was a child.
To become umpires the coaches had to take and pass tests.
Davis said there is a lot that goes into becoming a certified umpire. He added that he and Barnett are umpires in Alabama and Florida.
Both Barnett and Davis see the benefit in becoming an umpire whether it be on the little league level or even high school.
Barnett said he think it is something that the players to deserve.
Davis agreed with Barnett, and said he wants to help the players have a great experience.

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