Several residents recognized, promoted in 1973

Published 8:37 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

By By Lowell McGill
Congratulations are in order for some Atmore college students.
This week the University of Alabama released the names of students who made the President’s list. Erin L. Childress, James L. Drew, Treasure L. Fay, Jessie D. McKinley and James P. Robinson, all of Atmore, were included on this coveted list.
It is always to good see local students graduating from college, but to make the President’s List is even more noteworthy.
In some news from the year 1973 Ira Stewart, an Alabama State Trooper based in Atmore, was recognized as “Trooper of the Year.” The Ernest Ward High school graduate was selected for his outstanding services to the state.
Here’s something of interest to local housewives. Coffee was selling for 65 cents a pound at the local Kwik Chec grocery store. Wieners were selling at 45 cents for a 12 ounces package and lettuce was 25 cents a head.
Barney Harding, a native of Jackson became the new warden at Atmore Prison Farm and Vonzie Godwin, of Davisville, was elected president of the Northwest Florida Cattleman’s Association.
Ruth Godwin, Vonzie’s wife, became a Democrat Committee Woman for Northwest Florida. She was named to the post by Florida Governor Reubin Askew.
Debbie Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon (Buck) was selected cheerleader captain at Faulkner Junior College.
Atmore experienced a “heavy” snow storm in February that year. The snow measured up to 6 inches in some locations. It was regarded as the heaviest snowfall here since 1914.
I received a couple of emails this week concerning the $250 stimulus checks due to be sent out in late May. Again, as I wrote in an earlier column, various internet sources quoting the Social Security Administration, indicate all those retires receiving Social Security will receive a check. Recipients are not required to file any paperwork as the checks will be come in the normal manner your regular checks are received. It will be a separate check, according to web sources. That means you will receive an extra check in either late May or early June. Those who normally receive their checks through direct deposit will receive the stimulus checks the same way.
Couples will get checks of $250 each if they are both on social Security.
Right now The Social Security Administration, according to its web site, is working on details to insure checks are sent (or deposited) to 55 million recipients
I am happy to pass this information along to those who are retired because there has been very little information aired about this particular stimulus package. Anyone desiring additional information can email me and I will be glad to furnish you web sites that carry this information.
That interstate fire last week created a lot of excitement.
As I was making my exit onto the Rabun-Perdido spur, a speeding car with Georgia license plates came flying by me and several other vehicles traveling in front of me. The driver of that car forced an oncoming car off the road and into a ditch.
Further down the road someone was able to stop him. As I passed by, looking in my rear view mirror, the guy was getting a tongue lashing in the first degree. I had tried to reach troopers by cell phone but, apparently, they were all confined to activities along the fire area on the interstate.
Incidentally, that driver who was lashing the speedy guy carried an Escambia County, Alabama license plate. The bumper to bumper traffic moved at a slow pace all the way into Atmore.
City and County lawmen did a great job keeping the flow of traffic back out to the interstate.
By the way, “The Mobile Press Register” reported another fire occurred near that same area Sunday night and early Monday morning. The interstate, reportedly, did not close for that fire. The story indicated arson was believed to be the cause of both fires.
Chandler Myers did a fine job getting the story onto our Web site that day. As you know, all local breaking news is carried on the Advance Web site. I am happy to be able to contribute late breaking news to the Advance staff for airing on the internet. I am glad the staff can draw on my 75 years of dedication.
I got a kick out of some political news this week. I caught a portion of a radio conversation a few days ago. I don’t remember the station I was listening to, but these two apparent, huskey, country singers were blasting James Carville and Paul Bagala, two former political consultants for former president Bill Clinton.
The radio host led everyone to believe these two singers were projected as “physically fit.” They were really letting the former Clinton aides have it. I gathered from the radio conversation that Pagala and Carville had much to do with the recent slam against well known conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
Some had labeled Limbaugh as ‘leader of the Republican Party.” But, these two singers pointed the finger directly at the Clinton aides for initiating the Limbaugh slam. They were almost daring the former aides to a duel.
I don’t know if a duel ever occurred, but I do know there has been no recent news on the “Limbaugh slam.”
I’ll have more news from 1973 next week.
Lowell McGill is a historical columnist for The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at

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