Spring fashion refresher

Published 11:12 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2009

By By MaryClaire Foster
Warmer temperatures are becoming more and more consistent, which means another season’s wardrobe is ready to be hung in my closet or at least laid out on my guest bed until I decide to wear it.
While sweaters are nice, especially when you want to hide just how much you over indulged that holiday season, a winter wardrobe is just not as exciting as one for spring and summer.
I did my first bit of spring shopping this past weekend and realized two things: one, I am one of those holiday over indulgers and must work on remedying that, and two, I have completely lost my sense of fashion.
I’ve always heard of the evils the real world could bring, but never did I think it would hit me like this. There I was perusing the racks at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite pastimes, and I felt completely clueless as to what to buy or if what I thought I liked would leave my friends walking a few steps ahead of me on a night out. I realized that no longer was I bombarded with a surplus of free time used to thumb through fashion magazines and compare likes and dislikes with my roommates, something obviously critical to my former good taste.
I immediately regretted going shopping without an honest friend to help me veto clothing items, but sucked it up and kept on looking.
I eventually got a hold of things and think I picked out some winners, but still it left me wondering, what should I be looking at to buy for this season?
This is how this week’s lifestyles section ended up being about fashion. No dear readers, this was not a fun and informative piece for you, it was a completely selfish act on my part, to get myself back in touch with fashion.
It was days like this where I really appreciated my job. I spent an entire Monday going into stores around town and pretty much just shopping. I did not buy anything, but there’s just something about being surrounded by pretty, new things that touches me deep down in my heart.
Not only did I get to scope out all the new items without having to use my lunch break, but I got to pick the brains of the store owners on what they liked this season and how they went about buying it.
All the stores I went to, the owners pick out their own items and several said they do so by going to market and just plain old looking around at what is grabbing the most people’s attentions.
So I asked what had been grabbing the most people’s attentions here in Atmore and compiled it for you. Whether this serves as a wake up call to what’s new or just a refresher, I hope you enjoy.
MaryClaire Foster is news editor for the Atmore Advance. She can be reached at (251) 368-2123 or via email at lifestyles@atmoreadvance.com

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