Letter to the Editor

Published 5:36 am Tuesday, June 2, 2009

By Staff
Thanks to the YMCA
I am writing to publicly thank the YMCA for everything they do for the community. In doing so, it is my hope to raise more awareness of all the YMCA does for the community. I remember the days before the YMCA opened. Maybe some of you have forgotten those days or no longer need the services the ‘Y’ provides. I remember pre-YMCA days. There were no sports programs for younger children, private schools or home-schooled children. Do you remember needing after-school care or summer care for your children? I do and there was none. I will forever be grateful for the ‘Y’ and all it continues to do for families and civic organizations.
After Hurricane Ivan, the ‘Y’ had child care for free for families who needed to stand in line for aid. Today, the ‘Y’ graciously allows groups to use the gym for practices and banquets and the meeting room and library for shows or events. Most of these events are not charged fees by the ‘Y’ although we have to to pay staff and utility bills. They provide scholarships for sports or childcare to make it possible for families to participate when they couldn’t otherwise do so.
I have been in the YMCA office when people are asking to ‘Y’ to donate facilities, help teach a class, donate the use of tables and chairs or other free services yet the YMCA doesn’t even get a ‘thank you’ or recognition that we have contributed to the group or civic endeavors. Please remember that when you are thanking sponsors publicly for their help, to include the YMCA when they have donated space of services. That way, the community will know what we do to benefit them. We regularly speak to groups, hold classes for the Red Cross and donate space to HIPPY educators and many more wonderful groups. I just think that a ‘thanks’ could be more forthcoming and I know I would appreciate the YMCA being recognized for all it does.
Theresa Scott

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