Always on the road again

Published 5:38 am Wednesday, June 3, 2009

By By MaryClaire Foster
Whether it’s my MamMaw making sure it wasn’t just her paper that didn’t have my usual section in it or friends telling me they have been keeping up with my work online, I have been very fortunate to have constant support and interest shown in my career shown by my friends and family.
That being said, this past weekend I made the trek back to Trussville to attend a going away party for my friend Natalie, who is moving to Austria this month, and while there entertained friends with stories from my job.
I always enjoy laughing at myself and don’t mind putting my ego aside and allowing others to get a chuckle at my expense as well.
As I told them of the day I was running down the side of Hwy. 21 in my rain boots and dress chasing after the “mule man” for an interview as lightning flashed around me, it occurred to me that my life gets stranger and stranger by the week; however, it is certainly in a good way, and I am full on embracing it and enjoying seeing what unfolds next.
My friend Kimmie’s mother, Teri, (Hi!) got an especially big kick out of the fact that I have a column and that so far I’ve had the best reviews from the local seniors. When she asked what kind of column it is, I had to admit that it’s mostly about nothing, just weekly updates on my life.
I guess it’s kind of like having a public diary or an early version of a blog. Plus, besides the silly little stories I share in here, I’m pretty boring and wouldn’t know what else to say.
Besides sharing stories of my Atmore adventures, I got to do some much needed catching up with my friends. Plus, Natalie’s Austrian boyfriend Bernie shared some of his native schnapps, which like the standard saying about apples keeping the doctor away is supposed to do the same. Definitely not something I would ask for again, but glad I can say I’ve tried it.
As always it was an enjoyable trip back home, and I was able to bring back some pictures from the last wedding, proving to my coworkers and boss that I wasn’t making all of these events up. Please, like I couldn’t come up with something better than a tool and gadget shower every weekend- not that I don’t love them.
Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the Treasure Hunt. I actually came close to calling the police and warning them about two women who I thought when they were acting suspicious at Heritage Park were trying to steal something.
Turns out they were trying to covertly unearth the treasure. So, my apologies to the two women who I am sure couldn’t understand why I was look at them that way. Happy hunting!
MaryClaire Foster is news editor for the Atmore Advance. She can be reached at (251) 368-2123 or via email at

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