Eight ball in the corner pocket

Published 6:58 am Monday, June 15, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
In the “Hustler,” Paul Newman plays “Fast Eddie” Nelson a pool player out to show that he is the best in the United States by beating a legendary player by the name of “Minnesota Fats.” In the same manner of determination as “Fast Eddie” there are three local senior citizens who are out to prove that they are the best billiard playing senior citizens in the state.
Ann Amerson, Mildred Hall and Ron Weinmann are residents of Atmore who attend the Atmore SAIL Center daily, and also represent the city by competing in the Senior Olympic Masters Games.
Recently, the three all placed in the billiards portion of the games to qualify for a chance to compete for the top spot at the state’s Masters Games competition. Hall and Weinmann each finished first in their respective age groups, while Amerson finished in third place.
Each of them has their own reasons for playing in the Masters Games as well as why they love to play the billiards, and they all want to do their best at any cost.
Amerson’s reason for learning how to play is simple in that she said it takes stress off of her.
Other than using the game as a stress reliever, Hall and Weinmann find much different reasons to compete with a pool cue in hand.
Hall’s perspective on playing pool is to sharpen her mind, which she considers to still be in pretty good shape for her age.
Weinmann’s reason for playing the billiards is his lovefor sports in general.
He said it is not his best sport, but he just tries his best whenever he plays.
On a competitive aspect, only one of the seniors enjoys getting the better of her competition.
Hall looks forward to beating her opponents, but only one on condition that they are not one of her friends.
Hall said she enjoys representing Atmore and getting wins over seniors from other centers. She added there is one opponent that she would love to get a win over at state or would be even happier if she did not show up.
Weinmann shares one similarity with Hall when it comes to playing, but he also shows a different attitude for the game as well.
Weinmann said he enjoys playing and competing, but he does not have to win to be happy. He added that he changes his mind if it comes down to placing first or second.
Amerson is like Weinmann in that she loves to play and does get mad if she loses.
She said she is not real competitive, and added she really just enjoys the people.
When it comes to playing the game, they all have a strategy to help them get a win.
Weinmann said he tries to get through the game with as much ease as possible.
Amerson’s approach is to see what works and what does not work.
She said she puts it all on the line when she steps up to play pool.
Hall takes the mind of a pool shark into when she has a certain stick in hand.
She said she wants to come out as the top competitor no matter what.
Amerson, Hall and Weinmann all have different approaches to the game of pool all the way from their motives to win to why they took up the game.
They all are going to Florence in October with one thing in mind though, and that is to hopefully return to Atmore with honor of finishing first in billiards at the Senior Olympics Masters Games state competition.

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