Horse not included

Published 7:46 am Monday, June 22, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
Throwing horseshoes at a pin hammered into the ground does not sound too exciting compared to other sports, but in reality the game of horseshoes has turned into something that families love as well as a favorite competition at the Senior Olympics Masters Games.
Recently at the Masters Games qualifier in Mobile, four of Atmore’s senior citizens competed in the horseshoes competition with one of the teams returning home with a first-place finish in the event.
Ann Amerson and Loraine Weinmann went down to the Games to compete with several other teams and came back as the big winners.
The men’s team, composed of Charles Wilson and Ron Weinmann, competed for a chance to qualify for the state tournament but were unable to place despite a strong showing.
Competing at the games allowed all four to enjoy their love of the game as well as the fellowship that comes with it.
Amerson said she enjoyed playing simply because it was another sport she could play.
From the male point of view, Weinmann was able to find something important and humorous about the game he enjoyed.
He said the game is easy simply because one part of the horseshoe is left out.
Outside of the competition, the seniors have all played from time to time over the years depending on if they had the chance. There activity in horseshoes picked up once they began playing in the Masters Games.
Charles Wilson said he enjoys playing when he can for fun, but added he is not that strong of a player.
Ron Weinmann’s wife Loraine, who finished in first with Amerson said she plays as often as she can. She added that it all depends on who she is with and if they have horsehoes.
As for training and practice, the seniors at the SAIL Center are able to train, but their equipment is not as good as they would like.
They are not able to practice on a normal pit but the dirt surface out behind the building.
Ron Weinmann said he is going to change the practice area though, so the teams can have a better place to practice.
When it comes to strategy and winning the game, all of the competitors have the same idea about how to get the most points and win.
Wilson said the way to get a ringer is to put a flip on the horseshoe, so it lands just right.
Ron Weinmann looks to do the same as Wilson, but he likes to put at least two flips into his throw.
He said if gets a good throw that flips right then it most likely will stick.
Amerson’s strategy is similar to that of Wilson’s, but she likes to put a spin on her throw instead of a flip.
She said that she has been complimented on her ability to throw a horseshoe in a game.

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