Free throw madness

Published 9:55 am Monday, July 13, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
With Shaquille O’Neal making headlines for recently being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it seemed right to focus on the basketball free throw event that Atmore’s seniors compete in at the Senior Olympics Masters Games simply because their free throw skills might be superior to his.
Ron Weinmann, Loraine Weinmann, Jean Wilson and Mildred Hall all competed in the free throw shot at the Masters Games with Ron Weinmann coming away as the only one to place.
Ron Weinmann finished first in the event at the district games and moves on to compete in the state games, which take place in October.
Weinmann’s said his philosophy on how he won the event is simple.
All of the females competing, Loraine Weinmann, Mildred Hall and Jean Wilson each had trouble making the cut to make it to the state competition.
Loraine Weinmann’s issue had nothing to do with skill but certain ailments.
She said she just did not have the strength to get the ball all the way to the hoop.
Hall won the free throw competition in 2007 and finished as the runner-up in 2006, but was unable to place for a third consecutive year due to other activities.
She said she was not able to practice because of work she does in the community.
Practice and previous experience are necessary to play a strong role in the free throw shot.
Hall said skill and luck are both involved, but practice has a lot to do with getting good.
It has to do with some good luck falling your way, but skill is really important for this,” Hall said. “Practicing is important, so that you can have the skill to shoot right.”
Ron Weinmann said he practiced for the event, and added that practice is key in learning how to shoot the ball right. He added that he has always enjoyed playing basketball.
Jean Wilson has had a lot of experience like Weinmann in that she has always enjoyed and played the game.
She said she started playing at a young age, and continued once she had a family.
With Ron Weinmann the only competitor from Atmore playing in the state competition for the free throw, he is hoping to bring home a first-place finish.
He said he is going to try his hardest even though it will be tougher with more opponents than at the district games.

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