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Keene resigns from NHS

By By Chandler Myers
In a move that has left a football team without a head coach, Chiefs head football coach Cody Keene has resigned from his post and will take the position at a new school in Montgomery.
Keene resigned his duties as head coach effective Monday, and is going to become the head football coach at Hooper Academy located in Montgomery is a member of the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA). At this time, Keene is still employed at Northview but is taking leave to transition from the area to his new job.
Keene leaves the Chiefs football program with a career record of 134-106
Keene’s timing for his departure is one of the reasons his resignation has caught school administrators and faculty off guard.
Northview High School Principal Gayle Weaver said coaches usually do not choose to leave in the middle of summer vacation.
Weaver said Keene is going to be missed as a person and a coach.
At this time, the school has begun advertising Keene’s job to coaches in the school.
Weaver said the in-house advertising will last for about 10 days with a candidate being placed into position after that time is up.
One coach that has expressed interest is head baseball coach Sid Wheatley.
Weaver said Wheatley has made it known he would like the job and has already received a vote of confidence. She added his experience and record as a coach speaks for itself.
As for the state of the Chiefs football program, players are continuing their workouts as scheduled to prepare for the 2009 season.
Weaver said all of the players have handled the situation well with the seniors meeting with her on Monday and Tuesday.
Coaches Keene or Wheatley could not be reached for comment.