Mississippi company drilling locally

Published 10:53 am Wednesday, July 22, 2009

By By Lowell McGill
My column theme this week is oil drilling. Actually this late drilling news was intended for last week.
Venture Gas and Oil Inc. of Laurel, Miss. announced it would drill another well in the State Farm area. The fourth well to be drilled, it will be located on Huss Nursery road. Named Fountain Farm 2-4 #1, it will have a permit depth of 15,600 feet.
This will be the second well in the Fountain Farm area. Two weeks ago, the other Fountain well-ceased operations and was declared dry and abandoned.
Venture is now drilling its Floyd 34-5 well west of the Jack Springs Road near McCullough.
The Mississippi firm has received another permit to drill the Mayson 36-14 well off Circle Road which is located just east of the proposed Fountain unit. This well has a permit depth of 15,400 feet. Drilling should begin in September according to Jay Fenton, Venture president.
Spooner is drilling near 4,000 feet on its Chavers 3-14 unit. Described as a “shallow well,” permit depth is 6,700 feet.
De Soto Oil and Gas has not released test results of its Edward 13-1 well.
Well, the “Reba Concert” has come and gone and by all accounts it was a very big success. In fact a review written in the entertainment section of the “Mobile Press Register” following the show praised the entertainers and the entire Creek Nation for choosing her to inaugurate their series of “Las Vegas style” entertainment.
It was an apparent sellout with 2,500 people in attendance. The colorful blimp and flashing lights seen up in the sky lent even more dramatics, especially to I-65 travelers.
Now the upcoming Hank Jr. show will not have the appeal as Reba. She attracted a family gathering, especially the 40-60 year olds. Hank has a somewhat different following. I call it the contemporary country pop crowd.
And, it will require more young people’s attendance to make his appearance a success. The same applies to the announced “Rock” bands scheduled to appear later this year.
Another individual making a name for himself nationally is David Morgan, the newly elected sheriff of Escambia County, Fla. The recent stories about the murders of the Beulah, Florida couple has ascended his prominence to the forefront for TV networks and countless newspapers from practically every state.
It is no wonder he has become the “darling” of the press. He possesses very photogenic qualities, square face, broad smile, nice hair and a good speaking voice.
It would not surprise me at all to see him bolstered to a higher political level, not only in Florida, but nationally as well.
Well, this week marks two and a half years I have been writing this column.
It has been a lot of fun presenting almost 500 different stories of people, places, events and “yarns” here in the Amore area. Goodness, I could fill a book with all these pages.
I will conclude the column due to some medical corrections. In our final weekly column next week we will take at look back at some of the more popular ones and also a look at some of your emails.
Perhaps, later on down the line we can come back with another column using a different theme and photo.
My, that picture has got to go and it is too late in the planting season to use it as a “scarecrow.” Hope you join us for our final get together.
Lowell McGill is a historical columnist for The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at exam@frontiernet.net

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