Team sports beneficial

Published 12:49 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
Youth sports are an important time in a child’s life.
Playing team sports can do so much for a child and the positives of it are really endless.
Right now, two sports are signing up in Atmore and they are set to begin soon and registration periods will come and go before you know it.
Atmore Pee Wee Football is signing up at Murray Johnson’s Insurance office on East Louisville Ave. during the week from 10 a.m. until noon and 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until noon. See the bottom of the page for more information on those signups.
The Atmore Area YMCA as you read about next to this column is also signing up for a fall sport with soccer set to start practices in the next two weeks.
Team sports are extremely special and lead to nothing but good things for a child
First, they put a child in an environment where they can become more disciplined while having fun. Yes, coaches might be a little hard on players sometimes, but its all to get their attention and help them learn the sport they choose to play.
Once they get disciplined and learn what the coach expects then it becomes more fun.
Another big plus about team sports is the friendship and bonds that are made on their team as well as with opponents.
Its always great for a child to have a lot of friends because they get a support group to surround them and can look out for one another.
They are also able to learn the positives of teamwork and how working with their teammates can lead to success.
Third, playing team sports gets children outside and active, which can help them stay healthier.
Running is good for the body and can help make muscles and bones stronger as they develop and get older.
Lastly, playing team sports helps a child figure out what their likes and dislikes are.
If they like to play football then they can continue to play and learn the game. This could help them in the long run if they decide to extend their playing career into high school and even college.
So take the time to think about the benefits of team sports and sign up your child today.
Chandler Myers is sports editor of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or by e-mail at

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