Smith tackles county costs

Published 5:33 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
Escambia County commissioners are looking to save money by switching to a new spraying program to control brush and undergrowth.
Brandon Smith, commissioner for District 4, said the switch will cost and benefit the county at the same time.
Smith said the bush hogs are expensive to operate and maintain, putting a dent into the county’s budget every month.
Escambia County Commission Chairman David Stokes said the county has budgeted the implementation of a spraying program aimed at keeping brush and undergrowth under control along roadways in the county.
Smith said the program will bring benefits beyond cost-cutting.
The Birmingham company, Naturechem Inc., would be bringing sprayers into the county to begin the three-year process, Smith said
Stokes said major arteries in the county would be the focus in the initial spraying.
Stokes said dirt roads maintained by the county would be added to the program in coming rotations of the program.
Smith said the program would be beneficial in a shorter timeframe than seen by current methods.
Smith said the cost comparison is one that has made this method of maintenance attractive to the county.
Smith said the company will also be able to cover a large area in a short amount of time.
Smith said the company will be mindful of farmers and other landowners in the county taking into consideration crops and other vegetation being grown.
Smith said there are a few things that still need to be ironed out in the commission before final approval for the program is given.
Smith said the luxury of having cleaner rights-of-way for longer periods of time is a great idea for the county. The safety is a consideration and financially, the decision is a sound one.
Stokes said the results of the spraying will take a little time, but is hopeful the program will be a success.
Stokes said the first round of the spraying program should begin in October.

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