Chiefs rally to beat Vernon

Published 10:36 pm Sunday, November 8, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
The Chiefs answered the challenges of their coaches Friday night in a stunning come-from-behind victory over the Vernon Yellowjackets, which saw them score 20 unanswered points.
The Chiefs (7-2, 6-2) rallied from an early 14-point deficit to pick up another landmark victory for first-year head coach Sid Wheatley.
The Yellowjackets were able to pick up their early lead off of a fumble return deep inside the Chiefs territory, and followed that drive up with another scoring drive that ended with the Vernon quarterback scrambling 30 yards for a touchdown.
Wheatley said it was a great win for his team because they were able to fight back as a team and gain the lead.
With the touchdown off of the screen play, the Chiefs were able to grab the momentum and head into halftime looking to find a way to win the game.
Wheatley said at halftime the Chiefs were reminded of their goals, and what it would take to achieve that goal.
With their 8-2 season in jeopardy, the Chiefs came out in the second half and were able to rally off 13 more points without allowing Vernon any more opportunities to score.
Wheatley said the offense was able to control the clock and push the ball down the field.
Defensively, the Chiefs played strong all night, but were able to control the field better in the third and fourth quarters.
Wheatley said he was proud of the way his defense played after giving up two touchdowns early.
Next week, the Chiefs travel to West Florida High School with kick off at 7 p.m.

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