Fight sparks interest

Published 5:23 am Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By By Chandler Myers
Last week, a story on the fight between the Escambia County Lady Blue Devils and the Vigor Lady Wolves was published, which has sparked several comments on the Advance’s Web site. All of the comments have some meaningful tidbit to add or a question to ask.
One comment was from a Lady Devil wondering why the story ran in the paper.
She believes it has no reason to be published.
I disagree with that because for one if it were a college or professional team it would certainly be publicized.
Also the brawl last spring during the AHSAA basketball players involving players and fans shows that people have a right to know when an incident like this takes place.
It cost the high school’s athletic budget $2,700 and put nine players from the team on the bench. That alone warrants it to be in the newspaper.
Refrain from fighting and all that will have to go in is that your team won or lost.
It is unfortunate that something like this had to be published, but it involves an athletic team that is prominent in the community.
Another question was posted from Nacole asking if Vigor had any players suspended for leaving the bench.
The answer is yes. Only two Vigor players left the bench, so they only have to pay a $600 fine.
Hopefully, both teams can come away from this with much cooler heads and better sportsmanship in the chance it happens again.
Another interesting comment that on the Web site was posted by kl and said that coach Smith is the athletic director for ECHS.
Unless, I was lied to by administration or not contacted about an interim athletic director being named, coach Smith is not in that role. The previous week, I ran a story on no interim AD or head football coach being named.
Even if there was the presence of the athletic director, it would not matter, according to principal Harvey Means, that person is not considered an administrator, so he or one of his assistants must be there.
This story has really sparked interest in the community. It’s good to see so many people reading and speaking up on their thoughts about this incident and related topics.
It shows that people still take an interest in not only the city, but the school that represents it.
Chandler Myers is sports editor of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or by e-mail at

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