Drilling permits for two new oil wells issued

Published 6:42 am Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By Staff
Special to the Advance
Drilling permits for two new oil wells were given by the Alabama Gas and Oil Board this week and two more new permits are expected soon.
Pruitt Production Company received a permit to drill Chunn Properties which is located near Butler Street approximately 3-4 miles north of the two producing wells on Wayside Road. Permit depth is 15,000 feet.
Venture Drilling Company, which completed the two producing wells, will drill the Blackstone 4-4 No. 1 well near McCullough. The state is allowing a permit depth of 15,650 feet. Location for drilling will be staked in two weeks, according to a Venture spokesman.
Both new wells will be drilled in the Smackover foundation.
Venture is staking out their previously announced site on Fountain Farms near that prison. It will be their second attempt to bring in a producer near the prison.
A Venture spokesman told The Advance this week that it will be announcing another new well somewhere near the two producers.
Venture has another producing well in Monroe County.
Another drilling company has unofficially indicated it would be entering the current “drilling block” in the near future.
This block is referred to as the area from McCullough through Huxford to sites north and south of Butler Street. More information is expected in the next few weeks.
Venture’s two producing units on Wayside Road are yielding 900-1000 barrels of oil per day. Gas yields have not yet been released but should be released within the next few weeks a spokesman said.
Also, it is expected the state will soon be asked to offer a field name for these producing wells. Right now they are referred to as “Wildcat” wells.

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