Cracking down on clunkers

Published 8:51 am Thursday, February 25, 2010

By By Lisa Tindell
Atmore residents will need to be more mindful of old clunkers on their property after the passing of a new city ordinance during Monday’s council meeting.
Mayor Howard Shell said the passing of the ordinance is a step the city is taking to keep Atmore clean.
With the passing of the ordinance, violators can be fined in amounts up to $500 for each violation with each day of violation constituting a separate offense.
The ordinance regulating the outdoor storage, parking of partially dismantled or non-operating motor vehicles, semi-tractors, tractor trailers and trailers in the city of Atmore will allow only two exceptions in any case.
A vehicle, other than a public nuisance vehicle, on private property for which the owner has been issued a vehicle restoration permit for the vehicle shall be exempt from the ordinance. One other exception listed in the ordinance is for vehicles located at a licensed service station or repair garage that is licensed by the City of Atmore for such business. However, vehicles may only be kept on the property up to 60 days waiting for repairs.
Vehicles found to be in violation of the ordinance include:
Violations of the ordinance state that it will be unlawful for any owner of property within the corporate limits of the City of Atmore to allow any abandoned, dismantled, inoperative or public nuisance vehicle to remain on such property longer than 30 days unless it is contained within an approved enclosure. It will also be deemed unlawful for any owner of vehicles defined in the ordinance to remain longer than 72 hours within the City of Atmore on public property, including streets and rights of way.
To be an approved enclosure for such vehicles defined in the ordinance, certain criteria must be met.
An approved enclosure is defined as a completely enclosed privacy-type structure or fence, at least six feet in height and not more than eight feet in height and of such construction and type that an ordinary person or ordinary height and eyesight cannot see into the enclosure. The enclosure must also be built according to and in compliance with all applicable building, zoning, fire and other codes of the City of Atmore. Tents, tarpaulins or other such temporary structures are not considered to be approved enclosures.
For those who plan to restore vehicles, the City of Atmore’s code enforcement officer has the ability to issue vehicle restoration permits under certain conditions.
The private property owner of the location and vehicle may be issued a permit for only one vehicle at one location. The permits will be valid for up to one year from the date of issue. The issuance of the permit is also conditioned that at all times that the vehicle is not being worked on for restoration it shall be covered with an approved vehicle cover and the area shall be free of debris, litter, discarded parts or equipment utilized in the restoration.
For additional information on defined vehicles, exceptions or codes concerning Ordinance No. 01-2010 contact the city clerk at Atmore City Hall.

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