Relief for Haiti

Published 8:52 am Thursday, February 25, 2010

By By Chandler Myers
The nation of Haiti, which has been the center of news since a 7.0 earthquake that claimed thousands of lives, has been in need of relief and goods and has seen a tremendous amount of support from people all over the globe.
One Escambia Academy student has put aside anything she sees she might want in the near future to help give aid to those in the embattled nation of Haiti.
Walton Nichols, a junior at Escambia Academy, has spent the last month doing what she could to collect goods to help bring a sense of joy to the Haitians that have been through so much.
Nichols said she wanted to do something because she lives in a country with so much.
To get more involved in her project, Nichols made it known around her school that she was collecting goods to be shipped to Haiti.
She hung up posters around the halls of the middle school and high school at Escambia Academy as well as had it announced on the morning announcements.
Nichols said that her school has come together to bring things to be donated.
Nichols is collecting items such as clothes that can be given to the young boys and girls in Haiti as well as Germ-X and hygenine products.
She said she is also collecting toys and things to make the children in Haiti happy.
Nichols said she plans to collect goods at her school and around the community for two more weeks.
She will deliver the clothing and toys to a consignment shop in Daphne that is shipping things to Haiti, and she will deliver the Germ-X and other products to the Red Cross.
If you would like to donate an item to Nichols’ collection please contact her at 368-2613 to find out how you may help.

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