Gas plant in works due to oil production

Published 10:01 am Monday, March 8, 2010

By By Lowell McGill
A small gas processing plant is undergoing construction adjacent the two Venture Oil Company producing wells off Wayside Grocery Road. Oil from these wells has been processed and marketed for almost two months.
According to Dr. Dave Bolin, Deputy Director of the Alabama Gas and Oil Board, the small gas processing plant would probably be manned by one to two employees. But if other wells become producers the plant would “probably have to be increased,” he said.
Venture Gas and Oil is building the processor, but the main spokesman for that firm was unavailable for comment as of press time.
It was also learned that Venture is rapidly reaching permit depth on its Fountain Farm 3-13 well. The Mississippi drilling firm hopes to make this their third producer.
Dr. Bolin said there have been no unfavorable signs and “Venture is certainly hopeful the well will become a producer very soon.”
Bolen also announced two new drilling permits this week.
Venture will drill a Fountain Farm 2-2 well, which is located “practically between their two producing wells.” Location is now being staked on this well, which will also be drilled into the Smackover formation. It has a permit depth of 15,700 feet.
A new permit, according to Bolin, has been issued for the Huxford area. It will be drilled in the Escambia County-Chitterling Creek Field.
Bolin described the location “as about five miles north of State Farm and two miles south of the Monroe County line.”
Described as the Black Stone-Indigo 10-10 unit (2039’fsl &2345’ fsl &2487’ fel s10, t3n, r63) it has a permit depth of 15,000 feet. Carrizo Oil &Gas Inc, a new firm to our area, from Houston, Texas will be drilling this well.
David Hilton, Vice President of Operations for Pruit Production Company of Jackson Mississippi, told the Advance Friday that drilling would probably begin in April on its Chunn Properties well located near Butler Street and about 4-5 miles north of the Mason Properties producing well.
Renaissance Petroleum Company is waiting on a rig for its Craft Black Stone 17-5 well (1423’ fnl &868’ fwl s17, t3n.r9e). Bolen describes this location “in the Booneville area about two miles east of the Baldwin County line.” Permit depth is 13,500 feet.
Venture is erecting a rig on its Blackstone 4-4 unit near McCullough. Permit depth on this unit is 15,650 feet.(927’ fnl &1003’ fwl s4,t2n,r5e).
Bolin said “that area has become popular for drillers, especially since Venture brought in two very prolific producers. The Mason well has been extremely prolific.”
When asked about declaring a field name for these “wildcats,” he said. “That may be brought up later this month when the G&O Board meets to discuss various drilling aspects with drilling companies.”
Rumors could not be confirmed for new permits for the McCullough-Huxford area, but Bolin stated, “again the entire area is very hot area right now and I feel sure more requests for drilling permits will be coming in to our office in upcoming days and weeks.”

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