Letter to the Editor

Published 12:16 pm Thursday, March 25, 2010

By Staff
Unemployment big problem in Alabama
We have a big problem in Alabama: 11 percent of people in our state are unemployed. For the first time in a very long time, hard working people who have skills and a desire to work are not able to find gainful employment to support themselves and their families.
Last week, Dr. Robert Bentley, a member of the State House of Representatives in Tuscaloosa and a candidate for governor, took a step toward solving both problems. He introduced the Re-employment Act of 2010, which will put thousands of unemployed Alabamians back to work by providing tax deductions to companies who hire people who are currently unemployed.
He got every Republican and every Democrat to put partisanship aside and pass this bill with 100% support of members of both parties. That is incredible.
We need leaders like Bentley who can identify the real problems facing us and come up with solutions. But, we also need people who can get politicians to look past partisan politics and do what is right for the people who elected them. Bentley has proven he can take a good idea and get both parties to sign on in support of it. That is a very rare quality and that is certainly a quality that would make him an outstanding Governor.
Brent Culver
Bay Minette

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